STDCheck Coupons, Promo Codes MAY 2019

Coupons updated on 2nd May 2019

Get STDCheck coupon code or promo discount through online with more than 4500 local labs available to do your test. You can do individual test for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Oral herpes test, gonorrhea test, HIV and other test. There is also option to do test with different packages available from here. All these result are confidential and get the result within 1 or 2 days at affordable price. The test are approved by FDA and also get same day STD testing. Get to know about the status of sexual health and it takes out the embarrassment on testing. The testing work is simple where you can place a order through online and you can visit any our nationwide testing center without any appointment. Testing takes few minutes only and there is no paperwork required. There will be no records placed on your medical history and get fast STD test result as well as get status report at anytime. Test results are delivered to you and to no one else as well as there is nothing reported to your insurance or placed in your medical record. You also get best guidance and support for every step at There is doctor consultation available when the result come back positive and the 10 test panel advantage offers the most comprehensive test available where the panel will test for all major STDs. You can get accurate results for your test and in a confidential manner.

Test for Hepatitis A

This test is done to find for antibodies to the HAV virus in the blood and it is used to find out whether the person has been infected with hepatitis A virus. The testing requires small blood sample with a time span of 5 minute and get results within 1 or 2 days. There is no preparation or fasting required for doing this test.

HIV 1 & 2 Antibody test (4th generation)

It is FDA approved HIV antibody test which evaluates the blood for HIV type 1 and HIV type 2 in two ways by detecting the antibodies that your immune system creates to fight the HIV virus and detecting human Immunodeficiency virus antigen. This is one of the major test and get best results for your test. If the test result come in a positive manner then you can have a phone consultation with one of our doctors. The doctors will discuss with your test result and you can follow-up for the treatment.

Herpes 1 and 2 test

If you are sexually active and had a oral sex or intercourse with someone and if the STD status is unknown. Then, you have go for herpes type 1 and type 2 testing. This is one of the important test as the Herpes-1 symptom does not show up. The herpes-2 infection can be transmitted through contact with genital, oral secretions, lesions and mucosal surface.

There are many test package available to know about the status of your health and you can get proper treatment if you have diagnosed at a early stage at Avail discount savings for all types of test by using STD Check promo codes.

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