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Nuance Communications is the producer of Dragon Naturally Speaking software – a technology used by professionals to recognize speech as well as to convert it into text. This software has been around for years and used to dictate and transcribe voice by thousands of professionals all over the world. It functions in three different ways; it recognizes a voice in dictation and transcribes it as a written text, recognizes spoken commands, and transforms text to speech.

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This product is ideal for anyone willing to improve on their work and wants to increase their typing speed on the computer. Dragon products provide greater accuracy and eliminate mistakes in your work. This software could be your newly found and most reliable working partner that will definitely make you complete your tasks faster and more accurately.

The company has three main products of Dragon brands

  • Naturally Speaking 13 Home – designed mainly for multi-tasks users who need light speech recognition software. It can be used to dictate letters, social media, emails, and any other things you can do on your personal computer without a keyboard.
  • Naturally Speaking 13 Premium – the premium edition is an advanced designed made purposely for users who perform heavy tasks like writers, professionals (lawyers, doctors, etc) and students, and other people who work on their computer for a long period of time daily. This version allows you to use the system with wireless items such as Bluetooth headset, as well as to synced digital recording devices on your smart phones.

Professional Individual for Mac – the professional version is designed for more accuracy in the voice dictation by adjusting to your accent and speech. It will allow you to enjoy 3 times dictation speed than your normal typing.


The features depend on the type of version but generally, Dragon Naturally Speaking speech-to-text software is an advanced method to dictate and edit documents, send emails and create spreadsheets and search the web by voice.

  • It performs 3 times faster than normal typing
  • adapts quickly to your computer’s specification and has a faster response time
  • it is easy to use and has a new vocabulary editor
  • automatically searches available audio devices
  • support Windows 7 & 8 operating systems
  • it allows you to dictate speech faster – at least three times than your normal typing speed
  • it’s more accurate and designed to work by adjusting to your voice to produce exceptional dictation
  • creates spreadsheets and searches the web by voice.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Coupon

You can get up to 30% off prices by using Dragon Naturally Speaking promo code on all your purchases. Nuance Communications, the makers of Dragon software brands also offer cash back on any of their products if you’re not satisfied after purchase. The company regularly comes up with saving options, so you’ll need to search the web often for current deals available to buyers. You can visit the company website and sign up for email lists and be regular with their blogs to get the latest promotions and discounts. However, Nuance coupon and promotion codes can also be generated from some online marketplaces.

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