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STDCheck Coupons, Promo Codes MAY 2019

Coupons updated on 2nd May 2019

Get STDCheck coupon code or promo discount through online with more than 4500 local labs available to do your test. You can do individual test for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Oral herpes test, gonorrhea test, HIV and other test. There is also option to do test with different packages available from here. All these result are confidential and get the result within 1 or 2 days at affordable price. The test are approved by FDA and also get same day STD testing. Get to know about the status of sexual health and it takes out the embarrassment on testing. The testing work is simple where you can place a order through online and you can visit any our nationwide testing center without any appointment. Testing takes few minutes only and there is no paperwork required. There will be no records placed on your medical history and get fast STD test result as well as get status report at anytime. Test results are delivered to you and to no one else as well as there is nothing reported to your insurance or placed in your medical record. You also get best guidance and support for every step at There is doctor consultation available when the result come back positive and the 10 test panel advantage offers the most comprehensive test available where the panel will test for all major STDs. You can get accurate results for your test and in a confidential manner.

Test for Hepatitis A

This test is done to find for antibodies to the HAV virus in the blood and it is used to find out whether the person has been infected with hepatitis A virus. The testing requires small blood sample with a time span of 5 minute and get results within 1 or 2 days. There is no preparation or fasting required for doing this test.

HIV 1 & 2 Antibody test (4th generation)

It is FDA approved HIV antibody test which evaluates the blood for HIV type 1 and HIV type 2 in two ways by detecting the antibodies that your immune system creates to fight the HIV virus and detecting human Immunodeficiency virus antigen. This is one of the major test and get best results for your test. If the test result come in a positive manner then you can have a phone consultation with one of our doctors. The doctors will discuss with your test result and you can follow-up for the treatment.

Herpes 1 and 2 test

If you are sexually active and had a oral sex or intercourse with someone and if the STD status is unknown. Then, you have go for herpes type 1 and type 2 testing. This is one of the important test as the Herpes-1 symptom does not show up. The herpes-2 infection can be transmitted through contact with genital, oral secretions, lesions and mucosal surface.

There are many test package available to know about the status of your health and you can get proper treatment if you have diagnosed at a early stage at Avail discount savings for all types of test by using STD Check promo codes.

Nuance Power PDF Coupon Code up to 50% Off

Big discount deal and promo codes on Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Power PDF is a product of Nuance Communications designed to provide solutions to all your tasks related to converting, editing and sharing of documents from an existing application. It is a simple and reliable app that allows you to complete your work more securely and accurately. This software is a powerful product used by individuals and small businesses to share documents, while there is an advanced version available for big companies all at affordable price.

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With this app, you’ll enjoy an easy to use interface for your personal computer and laptop. It will allow you to create a PDF file directly from Office documents, as well as to convert a PDF file to Office document. Moreover, Nuance Power PDF will enable you to sign your documents electronically and to compare them in order to search for changes. This product is designed to give you an amazing PDF experience while its easy-to-use interface will permit you to complete your tasks in no time.

Benefits of Nuance Power PDF

Designed and produced by a popular technology company that has a reputation for high-quality software used by thousands of people all over the world, Power PDF makes reading, creating, editing and converting a document much easier by using the simple tools. Below are some of its benefits;

  • This app is an ideal solution to reproduce a document with complex items such as tables, graphics, images and columns
  • You can easily convert your PDF files into different formats that can be edited at any time
  • The app is faster and provides accurate solution to reproduction of documents with complex layouts
  • It protects your documents from getting an access to an unauthorized source
  • It can create multiple PDF files for a company to make the workflow easier
  • It is affordable and easily accessible


Nuance Power PDF is market-leading software designed with advanced features that make it one of the best PDF-creating apps on the web. It is a perfect solution for individuals and companies to complete specific PDF converting needs. Some of its important features include;

  • understandable interface
  • conversion of PDF files for archives and legal documents
  • uses JavaScript to make documents more interactive
  • Bates numbering
  • compatible with NetDocuments, SharePoint and Evernote
  • PDF merging and batching
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF search and security
  • voice recognition

Nuance Power PDF Coupons

You can get Nuance Power PDF software at a discounted rate by using a Nuance coupon on the site. You’ll get a certain percentage off the prices of all the products purchased at a particular moment, so you need to visit their website for latest deals and promotional codes. With Nuance Power PDF coupon codes, you’ll get access to buy at the cheapest price and enjoy some of the other deals available to customers. Coupon and promo codes will also allow you to enjoy money-back package if you’re not satisfied with the product. Taking advantage of the regular promotions and discounts offered by the company are perfect ways to save money on all the products and have an amazing shopping experience at any time.

Power PDF Discount up to 50% Off

Dragon Naturally Speaking Promo Codes

Great DEAL and Coupon Offer on Dragon Naturally Speaking

Nuance Communications is the producer of Dragon Naturally Speaking software – a technology used by professionals to recognize speech as well as to convert it into text. This software has been around for years and used to dictate and transcribe voice by thousands of professionals all over the world. It functions in three different ways; it recognizes a voice in dictation and transcribes it as a written text, recognizes spoken commands, and transforms text to speech.

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This product is ideal for anyone willing to improve on their work and wants to increase their typing speed on the computer. Dragon products provide greater accuracy and eliminate mistakes in your work. This software could be your newly found and most reliable working partner that will definitely make you complete your tasks faster and more accurately.

The company has three main products of Dragon brands

  • Naturally Speaking 13 Home – designed mainly for multi-tasks users who need light speech recognition software. It can be used to dictate letters, social media, emails, and any other things you can do on your personal computer without a keyboard.
  • Naturally Speaking 13 Premium – the premium edition is an advanced designed made purposely for users who perform heavy tasks like writers, professionals (lawyers, doctors, etc) and students, and other people who work on their computer for a long period of time daily. This version allows you to use the system with wireless items such as Bluetooth headset, as well as to synced digital recording devices on your smart phones.

Professional Individual for Mac – the professional version is designed for more accuracy in the voice dictation by adjusting to your accent and speech. It will allow you to enjoy 3 times dictation speed than your normal typing.


The features depend on the type of version but generally, Dragon Naturally Speaking speech-to-text software is an advanced method to dictate and edit documents, send emails and create spreadsheets and search the web by voice.

  • It performs 3 times faster than normal typing
  • adapts quickly to your computer’s specification and has a faster response time
  • it is easy to use and has a new vocabulary editor
  • automatically searches available audio devices
  • support Windows 7 & 8 operating systems
  • it allows you to dictate speech faster – at least three times than your normal typing speed
  • it’s more accurate and designed to work by adjusting to your voice to produce exceptional dictation
  • creates spreadsheets and searches the web by voice.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Coupon

You can get up to 30% off prices by using Dragon Naturally Speaking promo code on all your purchases. Nuance Communications, the makers of Dragon software brands also offer cash back on any of their products if you’re not satisfied after purchase. The company regularly comes up with saving options, so you’ll need to search the web often for current deals available to buyers. You can visit the company website and sign up for email lists and be regular with their blogs to get the latest promotions and discounts. However, Nuance coupon and promotion codes can also be generated from some online marketplaces.

Dragon Software up to 50% Off

Nuance PaperPort Coupon Code MAY 2019

Huge Promo Savings on PaperPort Professional 14 & Enterprise

Coupons updated on 2nd May 2019

PaperPort coupon code deals and promo code may be available for just one version of the program or for the purchase of any PaperPort product. The rules and requirements for qualifying for the deal will vary from promotion to promotion but will be clearly explained with the PaperPort coupon code information. In most cases, coupon codes are good for a set period of time and then expire.

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To ensure that you get the best price available on PaperPort, it’s best to buy directly from Nuance Promo Code. PaperPort and PaperPort Professional 14 are available for you to buy online and can be downloaded as soon as your purchase is complete for instant access to the program.

From time to time, Nuance runs special promotions that allow you to get PaperPort at discounted prices. Typically, these sales include a PaperPort coupon code that you must enter at the time of checkout. Normally, a PaperPort coupon code will entitle you to a discount of either a set percentage or equivalent to a certain dollar amount. The coupon is applied automatically, so you enjoy savings instantly.

nuance paperport

PDF files are one of the most commonly used computer files and are ideal for many tasks because they are compact in size and able to be opened by many different applications on computers and mobile devices. If you’re looking for a way to easily create PDFs, PaperPort is the perfect solution. This document management software program from Nuance has a number of handy features and comes in versions for home use, small businesses and large enterprises. No matter which version is right for you, you can save money by using a PaperPort coupon code when you purchase the software.

What Is PaperPort?

PaperPort is a document management system that helps you to create various kinds of files and to organize and access them. With the software program and a scanner, you can create photo, image, word processing and PDF files. Many people use PaperPort in order to move from paper record keeping and archiving to digital record keeping and archiving. Designed to be simple to use, PaperPort can be utilized by anyone, even those who don’t have any experience with document management software.

Versions of PaperPort

There are three main versions of PaperPort Notes:

paperport discount

  • PaperPort – PaperPort is the basic software program and is best for individuals. With the program, you can create PDF files, photo files and word processing documents. The software program makes it easy to organize and manage files once they are created, and it retails for around $100.
  • PaperPort Professional 14 – PaperPort Professional 14 is the version of PaperPort recommended for small businesses. It provides all of the features of PaperPort plus some additional features like the ability to create electronic forms, digital captures from a camera and cloud storage compatibility. The program retails for around $200.
  • PaperPort Enterprise – PaperPort Enterprise is the version of PaperPort that is made for large companies where PaperPort will be installed on many computers. Prices vary based on the number of licenses required.

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Nuance OmniPage Coupon Code

Discount & Saving Money on OmniPage Standard & Ultimate

To get a special discount on OmniPage, you can use an OmniPage coupon code. Periodically, Nuance offers special promo deals on their software through these codes. When it comes time to check out, you simply enter the OmniPage coupon code in the appropriate box in the checkout system. Typically, the coupon code provides either a percent off or a dollar off discount. You may need to meet special requirements, such as purchasing a specific version of the program, to quality for the discount. The OmniPage coupon code deal is deducted instantly, so you get the savings up front and don’t have to complete a rebate form.

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If you want to get the best price on OmniPage, it’s best to purchase the software program directly from Nuance. You can buy OmniPage Standard and OmniPage Ultimate online and get instant access to a file download, so that you can begin using the program right away. With your purchase, you receive technical support, so you can count on Nuance to help you with installation and any problems that you encounter if need be.


Looking for a way to reduce your use of paper, de-clutter your home or office and improve your record-keeping? Converting paper documents to digital form can help you accomplish your goals, but if you want to make the process quick and easy, you need more than just a conventional scanner. OmniPage from Nuance is designed to make transferring documents to digital form a much easier task, and you can purchase it for an affordable price for business or home use.

What Is OmniPage?

OmniPage is an optical character recognition or OCR software program for converting paper-based documents to digital form. Once you have the program installed on your computer, you can use your scanner to input text documents. The file can then be edited, titled, tagged with keywords and saved using OmniPage. When you need to gain access to a file, you can use the powerful search engine featured in the program to find the document that you require. The software program also includes a sharing feature that makes it easy to store files to the cloud to access on a mobile device, another computer or by another user. Unlike other OCR software programs, OmniPage supports more than 120 languages, so it can be used for virtually all kinds of text documents.


Versions of OmniPage

There are three main versions of OmniPage available from Nuance

1. OmniPage Standard. Perfect for home use and for workplaces where the need for digital document conversion software is limited, OmniPage Standard is the ideal solution. The software program retails for $149.99.

2. OmniPage Ultimate. Intended for regular business use, OmniPage Ultimate boosts productivity and has enhanced archiving capabilities. The software program sells for $499.99.

3. OmniPage Capture SDK. This version of OmniPage is intended for developers that want to create custom OCR platforms for specific business needs. The price for this package varies based on the individual needs of the customer and starts at $4895.

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