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Nuance OmniPage Coupon Code

Discount & Saving Money on OmniPage Standard & Ultimate

To get a special discount on OmniPage, you can use an OmniPage coupon code. Periodically, Nuance offers special promo deals on their software through these codes. When it comes time to check out, you simply enter the OmniPage coupon code in the appropriate box in the checkout system. Typically, the coupon code provides either a percent off or a dollar off discount. You may need to meet special requirements, such as purchasing a specific version of the program, to quality for the discount. The OmniPage coupon code deal is deducted instantly, so you get the savings up front and don’t have to complete a rebate form.

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If you want to get the best price on OmniPage, it’s best to purchase the software program directly from Nuance. You can buy OmniPage Standard and OmniPage Ultimate online and get instant access to a file download, so that you can begin using the program right away. With your purchase, you receive technical support, so you can count on Nuance to help you with installation and any problems that you encounter if need be.


Looking for a way to reduce your use of paper, de-clutter your home or office and improve your record-keeping? Converting paper documents to digital form can help you accomplish your goals, but if you want to make the process quick and easy, you need more than just a conventional scanner. OmniPage from Nuance is designed to make transferring documents to digital form a much easier task, and you can purchase it for an affordable price for business or home use.

What Is OmniPage?

OmniPage is an optical character recognition or OCR software program for converting paper-based documents to digital form. Once you have the program installed on your computer, you can use your scanner to input text documents. The file can then be edited, titled, tagged with keywords and saved using OmniPage. When you need to gain access to a file, you can use the powerful search engine featured in the program to find the document that you require. The software program also includes a sharing feature that makes it easy to store files to the cloud to access on a mobile device, another computer or by another user. Unlike other OCR software programs, OmniPage supports more than 120 languages, so it can be used for virtually all kinds of text documents.


Versions of OmniPage

There are three main versions of OmniPage available from Nuance

1. OmniPage Standard. Perfect for home use and for workplaces where the need for digital document conversion software is limited, OmniPage Standard is the ideal solution. The software program retails for $149.99.

2. OmniPage Ultimate. Intended for regular business use, OmniPage Ultimate boosts productivity and has enhanced archiving capabilities. The software program sells for $499.99.

3. OmniPage Capture SDK. This version of OmniPage is intended for developers that want to create custom OCR platforms for specific business needs. The price for this package varies based on the individual needs of the customer and starts at $4895.

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